What are the benefits of replacing single-pane windows with dual-pane windows?

If you have air leaks throughout your home and an uncomfortable energy bill every month, your windows may be to blame. In the past, single-pane windows were the standard. Learn how replacing single-pane windows with dual-pane windows can make your home more energy-efficient and convenient.

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If you want to improve your homes comfort and energy-efficiency, replacing single-pane windows with dual-pane windows is a great decision. Get a free estimate from our team at Residential Glass.

If you want to improve your homes comfort and energy-efficiency, replacing single-pane windows with dual-pane windows is a great decision. Get a free estimate from our team at Residential Glass.

Reduce the noise pollution in your home

Barking dogs, honking cars and loud leaf blowers can be irritating sounds, particularly if they are an everyday occurrence in your neighborhood. Single-pane windows allow much of this noise to filter into your home and affect your sleep, relaxation and concentration.

Modern, dual-pane windows increase the insulation and noise barrier of your home. Replacing your current windows with dual-pane upgrades reduces the noise in your home and allows you to sleep easily and relax on a sleepy Saturday morning.

A single-pane window prevents you from enjoying the privacy in your home that you need. At the end of a long day or in the middle of a sleepless night, restore the sense of peace and quiet that you deserve.

Lower your monthly energy bills

Part of the innovation of a dual-pane window is the increased energy efficiency. Glass isn’t a particularly effective barrier, so your climate-controlled air can easily escape. Dual-pane windows dramatically increase the energy-efficiency of your home through the use of argon.

Argon is a clear, slow-moving gas. Two panes of glass trap a layer of argon in between them to prevent heat from transferring quickly between the outdoors and your home.

This improves the efficiency of your home in summer and winter. At Residential Glass, we’ve seen up to 30% energy savings by replacing single-pane windows.

A related factor with old windows is cracked glazing. Glazing around your window can crack and become compromised over time. If you have single-pane windows, they may be old enough to have glazing issues.

Old glazing not only decreases the energy efficiency of your windows but also allows moisture to enter and rot the wood frame. It’s time to restore your home’s exterior with quality, double-pane windows.

Take down your inconvenient storm windows

A storm window is a precursor to double-pane windows. Similar to a double-pane, a storm window uses a second pane of glass to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Unfortunately, a storm window only traps air in between the two panes. Unlike argon, air transfers heat quickly. While it’s an improvement to a single-pane window, it won’t offer the same savings as a double-pane upgrade.

For a better setup, replacing single-pane windows with dual-pane windows just makes sense. Storm windows require you to open up both the exterior and interior window to enjoy fresh air, making them more inconvenient than a standard, modern window.

Enjoy beautiful, affordable windows with Residential Glass

Modern windows come in virtually any size, shape and design. Opening, closing and screening windows has never been easier. Choose a beautiful double-pane replacement that enhances your home’s curb appeal while improving its energy efficiency.

If you’re ready for the energy-efficiency of dual-pane windows in your home in the Pittsburgh area, contact our team at Residential Glass. Find out how you can easily swap out outdated windows and start saving money on your energy bill.

Here are the latest commercial glass trends for the 21st-century workplace

Gone are the days of windowless cubicles, gray carpet, and beige walls. Modern interior designers frequently suggest sliding glass doors, frosted partitions, exterior plate glass, and interior glass panels to create a more welcoming environment for daily employees and their visiting clients. A growing number of Americans now work from home due to the convenience of the internet. Still, others make the commute to work but are looking for a way to get business done in an appealing atmosphere. Here are some of the latest in commercial glass trends to consider for your office property.

The latest commercial glass trends for the workplace

More Light

Modern offices use glass strategically for skylights, atriums, terrariums, and art installations. Workers are more productive and happier to come to work when they get regular sunlight and have clear sightlines as they move around the office. For example, instead of installing drywall along the long back side of a meeting room, a glass partition provides significantly more light, both in the meeting room and deeper into the office core. Managers desire this because they see greater returns on investment.

Glass-enclosed offices are just one of the latest commercial glass trends to keep an eye on.

Glass-enclosed offices are just one of the latest commercial glass trends to keep an eye on.

More Collaboration

Workgroups are also moving toward high-functioning professional teams instead of expecting purely solo work. This calls for round tables, face-to-face seat arrangement, open-concept floor plans, and wifi-enabled vestibules. Well-chosen glass placement can facilitate important conversations, meetings, and interviews without artificial, prefab walls and barriers.

Privacy Features

Office building glass doesn’t have to be crystal clear or transparent. While modern offices trend toward open collaboration, privacy is still a significant need, especially at the C-Suite level. Frosted glass and mosaic installments make it possible to have confidential conversations and productive solitude while still refracting needed sunlight and creating harmonious morale in the workplace.

Acoustic Comfort

Cubicles from the ’80s and ’90s were certainly ugly, but their carpet and vinyl did provide echo-dampening and noise control. Office building interior glass installations also meet this need by neatly sealing joints with soundproofing brackets and braces. When coupled with a glass thickness of at least half an inch, conversations happen in comfort and confidentiality. Those with their own offices can have discussions on speaker, video, or conference calls without disturbing other professionals, but the light still gets in.


Glass can break, of course, but tempered, high-quality glass is significantly more durable than drywall which is prone to crumbling, wall torque, exterior humidity, and interior water damage. Glass is a much more sustainable solution, requiring only basic spot-cleaning and dusting. Repairs are much cleaner and faster, with no asbestos, sawdust or loud machinery creating havoc.

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